lecture Advisory Committee for Particle Physics
Дата/время: с Четверг 29 Январь 2009 (09:00) по Пятница 30 Январь 2009 (18:00)
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Четверг 29 Январь 2009 10:00->12:00 Opening of the meeting  ()    
Пятница 30 Январь 2009 08:30->12:00 Opening of the meeting  ()    

 Четверг 29 Январь 2009
Opening of the meeting (10:00->12:00)
Material:  more information
Opening of the meeting. Approval of the agenda (15')    J. Nassalski
Implementation of the recommendations of the PAC`s 29th meeting and on the work towards optimization of the research programme (15') (  Nassalski_PAC_30.ppt )    J. Nassalski
Information on the Resolution of the 104th session of the JINR Scientific Council (September 2008), on the decisions of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries (November 2008), on the preparation of t (30') (  lednicky_PAC_PP_Jan_09.ppt )    R. Lednický
Programme of Particle Physics Research for 2009-2011 and proposals to the Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR for 2010-2016: (1h20')
     A. Sorin
  • 4.2. Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics (20') (  PAC30_2009.ppt )
     V. Kekelidze
     A. Olshevskiy
     V. Ivanov
Ongoing work towards the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider (20') (  Zhabitsky.ppt )    V. Zhabitsky
Progress towards realization of the Nuclotron-M project (20') (  Trubnikov_PAC_Nuclotron-M_Jan09.ppt )    G. Trubnikov
Information from the Nuclotron-M/NICA Machine Advisory Committee (10') (  Sharkov_PAC_MAC_Jan09.ppt )    B. Sharkov
Information on the preparation of the white paper on the mixed phase and potential future spin physics programmes at NICA (20') (  2Sorin_NICA_pac_29_01_09.ppt )    A. Sorin
Progress for ongoing developments at JINR related to the ILC (20') (  Trubnikov_ILC_PP_PAC_Jan09.ppt )    G. Trubnikov
Status report on the CLIC project (JINR`s participation) (20') (  Kaminsky_CURRENT_STATUS_OF_CLIC_PROJECT.ppt )    A. Kaminsky, S. Sedykh
Reports on the themes and projects approved for completion in 2008 and proposals for their continuation: (2h40')
  • Dubna International Advanced School on Theoretical Physics (DIAS-TH) (20') (  more information )
     A. Sorin
Referee: V. Savrin
  • Organization, maintenance, and development of the university-type educational process at JINR (20') (  more information )
     A. Sissakian, D. Fursaev
Referee: S. Dubnička
     A. Vodopianov
Referees: T. Hallman, T. Siemiarczuk, G. Zinovjev
     N. Russakovich
Referees: A. Ceccucci, D. Kazakov, A. Kulikov
     A. Zarubin
Referees: V. Savrin, A. Dorokhov, V. Nikitin
     L. Nemenov
Referees: L. Jenkovszky, M. Ivanov, V. Kekelidze
     V. Ladygin
Referees: L. Riccati, V. Burov, V. Glagolev
     N. Piskunov
Referees: A. Ceccucci, A. Zarubin, L. Zolin
Discussion of the proposals in the field of particle physics, presented by the Laboratories to the first draft of the Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR for 2010-2016 (30')

 Пятница 30 Январь 2009
Opening of the meeting (08:30->12:00)
Material:  more information
Meeting of the PAC independent members with JINR Vice-Director R. Lednický (1h00')
Continuation of the PAC meeting (15')
Closed session: (15')
Written reports on the themes and projects approved for completion in 2008 and proposals for their continuation (2h15')
  • Study of e+e- interactions, linear collider physics and detector (15') (  more information )
     A. Olshevskiy
Referee: H. Gutbrod
     V. Kekelidze
Referees: S. Dubnička, S. Korenchenko, V. Peshekhonov
     Yu. Zanevsky
Referees: H. Gutbrod, V. Golovatyuk, M. Tokarev
     E. Strokovsky, A. Litvinenko
Referees: L. Jenkovszky, Yu. Panebratsev, O. Teryaev
     J. Ružička, S. Tyutyunnikov
Referees: T. Hallman, Yu. Potrebenikov, I. Tyapkin
  • Development of particle detection methods based on thin-wall drift tubes for precision coordinate measurements at high luminosity (15') (  more information )
     V. Peshekhonov
Referees: L. Riccati, V. Nikitin, N. Piskunov
     L. Tkatchev
Referees: E. Tomasi-Gustafsson, V. Bednyakov, M. Ivanov
  • Development of accelerators for radiation technologies (15') (  more information )
     S. Tyutyunnikov
Referees: N. Walker, S. Dolya, V. Reutov
     E. Matyushevsky, N. Borisov
Referees: E. Tomasi-Gustafsson, V. Glagolev, V. Pavlov
Written report on the PHENIX project (JINR`s participation) (15') (  more information )    A. Litvinenko
(Referees: G. Averichev, V. Burov)
PAC recommendations (15')